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Landon Collins scouts Alabama’s prospects before the Combine

Landon Collins puts on his scouting hat for Adam Shefter and gives us the low-down on his former teammates.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the process leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft in full swing and the NFL Scouting Combine almost upon us, it’s only natural that media outlets will be replete with references to the draft.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter had New York Giants safety Landon Collins on his podcast, and asked him to take on the role of college scout. As Collins is only two years removed from playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide, he has a unique point of view on his former teammates, which he offered at Schefter’s prompting.

Jonathan Allen (DL)

Fast, powerful. Definitely has a mean bull rush, and definitely has moves. Athletic ability is out of this world, and he’s smart. He knows schemes and he does his job to the best of his ability. You should see him on the [basketball] court. He can dunk, and he’s definitely got handles. His feet are... not bad [for a big guy].

Dalvin Tomlinson (DL)

Let’s see... Big, strong. Could lift the world. Smart, he knows schemes, and he’s very athletic.

Ryan Anderson (LB)

Talented. Can play all over the field if he wanted to. Fast off the edge, one of the quickest steps on the team, and smart.

Tim Williams (LB)

Athlete. Can play any position. The quickest step off the line I’ve seen since Jadeveon Clowney.

Reuben Foster (LB)

Hitter, I can tell you that much. Definitely a hitter. Solid, he’s the MIKE. He runs the defense, he’s the heart of the defense, and he needs to be on the field. If he’s not on the field, the defense is not going to be what it could be, the defense is not going to hold up. A game changer, a run stopper, and he can cover. He definitely can cover. He can run with running backs and receivers.

Eddie Jackson (S)

Smart. Smart. Game changer. He gets his hands on the ball and he’s going for six. He’s the back end, he’s the heart of the back end. He needs to be on the field. He makes the plays that need to be made and he gets everyone into position. Smart, fast, and very athletic. And he can play corner, so you can throw him in the slot if you need to.

Marlon Humphrey (CB)

Definitely a great cornerback, he can cover anybody. Put him on the left and right, he’s not just a one-side corner. Very aware of the ball, attacks the ball at the highest point, and he can run with any receiver. He’s wearing “26” for a reason. Not just because of me, but because of his dad too [former running back for the Denver Broncos].

O.J. Howard (TE)

Athletic. One of the hardest tight ends to cover. Fast. His speed will surprise you. He doesn’t look fast on the field, but when he gets going... I mean you can see it when he caught that flea flicker. Nobody could get within five yards of him. Smart. He can block too. Quick feet and great hands.

ArDarius Stewart (WR)

He’s an athlete. A blocker, he’s not afraid to get his nose dirty, will hit anybody. Great hands in high-pointing the ball and will make spectacular catches. Put him on the field, he’s gonna make it work.

Cam Robinson (OT)

The best feet, the best left tackle coming out in the draft. He can block anybody. Smart, gets down and dirty. He’s from Louisiana so we’re a different breed down there. He’s been one of the best since he’s been playing as a freshman, and maybe given up two sacks since his whole time being there.

After Schefter asked Collins who the “Can’t Miss” player from Alabama will be this year, which player will the stand-out.

Collins’ answer? “Tim Williams. That’s the guy,” He responded. He said that he hopes that he lands on the New York Giants, but added that he doubts that Williams would still be on the board when the Giants are picking.