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NFC East Notebook: Just say no to Eagles reunion in 2017, more

McCoy/Jackson/Maclin could head back to Philly, Jerry Jones week in Canton, more

Philadelphia Eagles v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It’s time to dive back into one of the things we love about Friday: making plans for the weekend. Another one of those Friday things is the NFC East Notebook by yours truly. Let’s spin the rest of the division and see what’s new, if anything, with the New York Giants‘ three chief rivals.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles sticking with Jason Peters in 2017 | Bleeding Green Nation

With Peters staying at left tackle, Lane Johnson will remain at right tackle for at least one more season. Johnson is eventually expected to move over to the left side once Peters, who turned 35 in January, is no longer with the Eagles.

Philly will keep their veteran LT in the fold for at least one more year, and he won’t even have to take a pay-cut. That’s a rarity in the NFL — just ask Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings — but Peters is still one of the league’s best at an invaluable position.

Eagles improved after Chip Kelly left town | Bleeding Green Nation

Based on record alone, the 2016 Eagles were not an improvement over the 2015 Eagles. Philadelphia finished their last two regular seasons with a final record of 7-9. But a closer look at the numbers reveals the Eagles made progress in their first year under new head coach Doug Pederson.

Chip Kelly somehow made the San Francisco 49ers even worse in 2016, so it’s not so shocking the team he left behind would improve some. He’s fearless for attempting to implement his offensive philosophy at the pro level, but you only get credit for reinventing the wheel when it actually works.

Eagles should pass on McCoy, Jackson, Maclin reunion | Bleeding Green Nation

The Eagles of the DeSean/LeSean/J-Mac years were explosive, and they were thrilling, and they were so much louder and brasher and wilder than any sports fan has a right to hope for from three franchise cornerstones. But the three never combined for a playoff win. The three were just two games over .500 in four years together. The three were good, but never good enough.

Adam Hermann wants no part of a McCoy/Jackson/Maclin reunion and probably shouldn’t, though Giants fans should welcome the thought. Jackson is 30, McCoy and Maclin are pushing 30, it’s a long shot they’ll be any better or even maintain past levels of production.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys face Cardinals in 2017 Hall of Fame Game | Blogging the Boys

With Jerry Jones scheduled to be inducted into the Hall of Fame that following Saturday, Aug 5th, it made sense for the league to have the Cowboys play in this game.

Jerry Jones-week is coming to Canton, OH this August, which is a change of pace because we rarely get to hear from him so early in the year. Jerry Jones-week usually begins in September — and extends through January when Dallas is knocked out of the playoffs.

Dak Prescott goes No. 1 overall in 2016 Draft re-do | Blogging the Boys

After a season in which Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott cleaned up the vote for offensive rookie of the year (they combined for 50 out of a possible 50 votes), a re-draft of 2016 is obviously something Cowboys fans can get excited about.

I don’t know how excited Cowboys fans should get about Dak Prescott going to the Los Angeles Rams in a hypothetical draft. The rest of the NFC East (and Tony Romo) would’ve loved for that scenario to play out in real life.

Cowboys Gain Cap Room, Restructure Smith & Frederick | Blogging the Boys

Dallas owed around $24 million this season to both players combined, they converted around $21 million of that into signing bonuses. Smith had a base salary of $10 million while Frederick was at $14.2 million.

Dallas is expected to cut Romo at some point, and freed up even more money with this move. Could they really be getting their house in order to make a run at Jason Pierre-Paul? Here’s hoping the football gods, wherever they may be, prevent such insanity.

Washington Redskins

Daily Slop: 2/22 | Hogs Haven

Rumors. Speculation. Repeat. Just days after reports that the Redskins might get a long-term deal done with Kirk Cousins, a new report suggests a trade could happen at the combine.

Apparently, the Redskins are considering shipping Cousins off to football purgatory: San Francisco. Why, and for who/what? These are the Redskins, logic isn’t always at the forefront. Just sit back and enjoy.

Daily Slop: 2/23 | Hogs Haven

Is Kirk Cousins worth seven to eight times more than Colt McCoy? That's the question some at Redskins Park are asking, according to a source with inside knowledge of the situation.

Yes, no second-guessing. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, guys. The Giants, the entire NFC East for that matter, would dread seeing Colt McCoy twice a year. Absolutely.