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Amani Toomer compares Tyree, Edelman Super Bowl catches

“Tyree had a greater level of difficulty”

NFL: International Series-Fan Rally at NFL House Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

David Tyree or Julian Edelman: whose improbable fourth-quarter Super Bowl reception was better? I posed the question to New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz and he responded, “Tyree, not even close.”

Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer agrees and provides more context. In a video on the NFL’s official site, Toomer detailed what made Tyree’s catch more meaningful.

“I think, of course, Tyree had a greater level of difficulty because I think this is a perfect example of why defensive backs played defensive back. They can't catch the ball (Atlanta Falcons CB Robert Alford got his hands on the pass, knocking it up into the air), Toomer said. “Edelman doing something great in the Super Bowl is something you kind of expected, he's a very good high quality receiver and he played well in the last Super Bowl. But Dave Tyree? Football people knew who he was because he went to a Pro Bowl. ... Nobody knew who David Tyree was before that catch and the first thing people were doing after Dave Tyree made that catch: Whos number 85? Who's Dave Tyree? So his life is going to be forever changed because of that one moment. Edelman's? Not really because we all know he's a great player as he was.”

Toomer also shared where he was on the field the moment Eli Manning lobbed up the prayer for Tyree.

“I was wide-open right across the middle thinking, Eli what are you doing? Throw me the football, I'm wide open! I pulled out my inner T.O. (Terrell Owens) ... Why is he throwing it to Dave? Dave was dropping balls all practice!”

Open as he may (or may not) have been, the Giants can’t argue with the results. They went on to win Super Bowl XLII, handing the New England Patriots their only loss of the season when it mattered most.