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Podcast: Breaking down Giants’ potential cap cuts

We talk about Victor Cruz, Rashad Jennings, other players

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The NFL offseason is a step-by-step process, and right now the New York Giants and the other 31 teams are sorting through veteran players under contract and trying to figure out which guys they want to keep, which they want to cut and which players they might need to approach about re-structuring a contract.

Pat Traina (Inside Football) and I tried to keep our discussion to this narrow topic during the most recent “Big Blue Chat” podcast. Our conversation was really an extension of the “veterans” on the roster bubble” post I recently did. Pat posted a similar story not long ago on Bleacher Report.

Pat and I agree that the two players who appear to be in the most jeopardy of losing a roster spot are Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings.

Listen to the latest show below. You can also download the show or get it via the App Store or Google Play by searching “Big Blue Chat with Pat and Ed.”