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Fights? In the NFL? Which Giants would you like to see square off?

Taylor Lewan wants fights in football — which Giants could give him one?

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants
Damon Harrison
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Tennessee Titans’ offensive tackle Taylor Lewan thinks NFL players should be allowed to settle their grudges with opposing players the NHL way — by trading punches.

Football fights are stupid. Why would you take a swing with your bare hand at someone wearing a helmet and shoulder pads?

Anyway, just for fun — and because it’s a Friday afternoon and I know you would rather do anything that work — here is a random question for you. If the NFL did allow fights, which will never happen, which New York Giants would you like to see throw down?

I will give you two. One is Damon Harrison. “Snacks” is a great guy and I can’t ever see him seeking out a fight. But, he is 350 pounds of athleticism and strength. Part of me would like to see what would happen if someone messed with him. The other is Justin Pugh. He’s another great guy who wouldn’t seek trouble, but he has spent the last couple of offseasons doing MMA-style training with Jay Glazer. Could he put it to use?

So, Giants fans, just for giggles who would you like to see in a fight?