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Rashad Jennings: Players need to be “a little more aware” of social media pitfalls

Giants’ running back joins SB Nation Radio

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Radio Row
Rashad Jennings on Radio Row at Super Bowl LI.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Odell Beckham Jr. trip to Miami landing on Twitter and creating a firestorm. The Antonio Brown Facebook Live post getting him in hot water with the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are examples of social media pitfalls players from previous NFL generations did not have to worry about, and that current players should learn from.

New York Giants’ running back Rashad Jennings is incredibly active on social media, and is media-friendly in general. Jennings has been making the Radio Row rounds at Super Bowl LI, and he stopped by SB Nation Radio on Wednesday.

“We live in a social-media heavy society .. we’ve gotta be a little bit more aware, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing to a degree. But, to be judged and hazed on being a normal citizen when you’re not doing anything illegal or jeopardizing somebody’s life. You’re being hazed for living your life, that’s when it gets out of hand. Overall, people are going to have their opinion, regardless of whatever it is you do so you’ve gotta be able to look in the mirror and constantly say that’s the guy I’m trying to become. If you’re comfortable with that, let everybody else just voice their opinion.”

Jennings was also asked about the Giants’ season during his visit to the Will P Show. Here is what he said about the Giants’ one-and-done playoff appearance:

“We stalled out at the end,” Jennings said. “We made it to the dance, but we had two left feet at that thing, so we got booed off the stage.”

Listen to the full interview below, and click the link to check out all that SB Nation Radio has to offer.

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