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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 13: Giants second-worst team in NFL

Let’s see what NFL analysts think of the 2-9 Giants

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NFL: New York Giants at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants fell to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, 24-17, to drop the Giants to 2-10 on the season. With the NFL Power Rankings coming out on various platforms this morning, let’s see where the Giants fall.

We went through several different site’s power rankings and the Giants came out at No. 31 when you aggregate the various lists. They are as high as No. 30 on the Washington Post and as low at No. 31 on Bleacher Report. Here is an aggregation of all of the rankings and the explanations.

SB Nation (No. 31)

Yahoo (No. 31)

It will be 25 years from now and people looking at the list of longest consecutive starts in NFL history will say, “Wait, tell me again, why exactly did Eli Manning’s streak end?” And there will be no good answer.

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 31)

Last Week's Ranking: 31

The New York Giants had a chance to steal one from the Oakland Raiders. They just couldn't do enough to complete the task, and that's been the story of New York's season. Well, that and injuries.

An example is when the Giants blocked a punt and had themselves set up in scoring position late in the first half. Instead of capitalizing, Geno Smith was sacked and fumbled the ball away. That could have been a game-changing moment for New York, but the Smith turnover allowed the Raiders to go into halftime with a three-point lead.

The defense has been playing like it was expected to over the last few weeks. The reality, though, is that the Giants have a high school offense that doesn't go without Odell Beckham Jr. The one positive to Beckham's absence is the fact Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram have had a chance to develop as go-to targets.

Getting useful reps for people who are going to be around next season has to be the goal moving forward. There's almost no chance head coach Ben McAdoo is going to be back, and there's a chance we've seen the last of quarterback Eli Manning in a Giants uniform as well.

USA Today (No. 31)

With four Pro Bowlers, including OBJ, on IR, a top-five draft pick inbound and perhaps a revitalized Eli Manning, they may not be down long.

ESPN (No. 31)

2017 record: 2-10

Week 13 ranking: No. 30

Evan Engram leads all rookies with six touchdown receptions and has already become one of the league's top tight ends. The only tight ends with more receiving yards than Engram are Travis Kelce, Rob Gronkowski, Delanie Walkerand Zach Ertz.

Washington Post (No. 30)

Memo to current and future NFL head coaches: Don’t ever use the line, “I’m going to coach this team as long as my key card works.” Ben McAdoo used it, then got fired the next day. Eli Manning presumably gets his starting job back and the Giants presumably avoid what could have been a very ugly scene at this Sunday’s home game against the Cowboys.