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Who will be the next GM for the New York Giants?

Let’s look at a list of the potential candidates

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp
Eliot Wolf during Packers’ training camp in 2016.
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The New York Giants have begun interviewing candidates replace the deposed Jerry Reese as general manager. With former GM Ernie Accorsi consulting to help narrow the field of candidates, the Giants began the search by interviewing in-house candidate Marc Ross.

Let’s look at an updated list of potential candidates.

The in-house candidates

Kevin Abrams — He will serve in the GM role for the remainder of the regular season, and his candidacy for the long-term gig should not be dismissed. Abrams is highly-respected and has worked with the Giants as assistant GM for 16 years, meaning he worked for both Jerry Reese and Ernie Accorsi. With Accorsi serving as a consultant in the team’s search for a new GM, that increases Abrams’ stock as a bonafide candidate.

Marc Ross — He has been the Giants’ top scout since Reese became GM. In this case, that could work for him or against him, depending on how broad a brush ownership wants to paint with. We know personnel has been part of the problem, and Ross’s job has been to find that personnel. Ross has interviewed for at least 10 different GM openings in recent years and never been hired. Perhaps the Giants’ hiring of Abrams as the interim guy in an indication about Ross’s chances of landing the full-time job.

The holy grail

Bill Polian — This one might be pie in the sky. Would the Hall of Fame executive, who turns 75 in a few days, have any desire to leave his cushy ESPN job and jump back into the NFL fray? The Giants could be an organization that would tempt him, especially if he can bring his son, Chris Polian, as right hand man.

The field

Nick Caserio — Has either coached or scouted for the New England Patriots since 2001. Was named director of pro personnel in 2004 and overall director of player personnel in 2008. As good as the Patriots have been in finding players Caserio, 41, should be at the top of the list for GM needy teams like the Giants.

Scott Pioli — Another guy with the Patriots connection. Also has experience as GM. Was player personnel boss in New England from 2001-2008, before Cesario. Was GM of the Kansas City Chiefs from 2009-2012, and is now assistant GM of the defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons. Obviously, a guy who knows what he’s doing.

Chris Polian — Worked with his father with the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-2011, and had the title of general manager while there. Is currently director of player personnel for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Another highly-respected guy.

Eric DeCosta — Has been considered the GM-in-waiting behind Ozzie Newsome for the Baltimore Ravens and has resisted overtures from a number of teams. Best guess is he’s at the tippy-top of the Giants’ list. If he won’t leave the Ravens for the Giants, maybe the 46-year-old will never leave Baltimore, period. DeCosta has worked for the Ravens since 1996.

John Dorsey — Was let go by the Kansas City Chiefs after serving as their GM from 2013-2016. He is expected to draw interest around the league, and comes with the recommendation of our friends at SB Nation’s Arrowhead Pride. Oddly, Dorsey was dismissed in June — after free agency and the draft. looked at why. [Hired by Cleveland Browns]

Brian Gaine — Has been vice president of player personnel for both the Houston Texans and Buffalo Bills. Has interviewed for several GM jobs the past couple of hiring cycles. Eventually, he’ll get one of those jobs. Gaine worked with Bill Parcells with the New York Jets, and from what I’m told has the support of the former Giants’ coach.

Scot McLoughan — The former Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers GM is regarded as one of the best talent evaluators in the business. McCloughan lost out in a power struggle in Washington, and left the 49ers due to personal issues relating to alcoholism. As good as McCloughan has proven to be at talent evaluation, teams need to at least think about talking to him.

Martin Mayhew — Former Detroit Lions GM who worked for the Giants as an assistant to Reese last season. Currently working in the personnel department with the San Francisco 49ers.

NFL: Combine
Dave Gettleman
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Gettleman — The former Giants’ pro personnel director lost the job to Reese prior to the 2007 season, then got his chance with the Carolina Panthers in 2013. He helped Carolina get to the 2015 Super Bowl, but fell out of favor ater a 6-10 2016 season and was fired this summer. Gettleman was part of the Giants’ organization from 1999-2011. He’s 66 and the Giants might not want to go back to a guy who part of their past, but the two sides are very familiar with each other. So, you have to think he will get consideration if he wants the job.

George Paton — Currently assistant general manager with the Minnesota Vikings. He interviewed for vacant GM jobs in San Francisco and Indianapolis last offseason. He has been with Minnesota for 10 years and was director of pro personnel for the Miami Dolphins from 2001-2006 before that.

Eliot Wolf — The 35-year-old son of former Green Bay Packers’ GM Ron Wolf is a hotly-sought after GM candidate. Wolf could succeed 64-year-old Ted Thompson as Green Bay GM, if the Packers can keep him that long. He could end up following John Schneider (Seahawks), Reggie McKenzie (Raiders) and Dorsey as Packers execs who left to run their own teams. [More about Wolf]

Trent Kirchner — Co-director of player personnel with the Seattle Seahawks, Kirchner has had known interviews with the New York Jets, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers for GM jobs.

Louis Riddick — The name of the former Redskins and Eagles personnel man, now an ESPN analyst, always seems to pop up in these discussions. so, we’ll put it there.

Will McClay — You might not know his name, but perhaps you should. McClay is assistant director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. As long as Jerry Jones owns the Cowboys, neither McClay nor anyone else is going to get the opportunity to be the chief decision-marker. McClay has sort of a mythic status in Dallas.

Trey Brown — This is a guy who was not on our original list. He is currently director of college scouting for the Philadelphia Eagles, a capacity in which he has served for two years. He has been with the Eagles since 2013. Every player the Eagles have drafted since 2014 remains in the NFL. Only one player from 2013, seventh-round pick Joe Kruger, is out of the league. Before Philly, Brown spent three seasons in the scouting department of the New England Patriots. Brown, a former NFL player, is only 32.