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2018 NFL Draft order: Giants move up to No. 2 overall

The Giants won’t have to wait long to be on the clock in April

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

More than a few fans of the New York Giants are happy with their loss to the Oakland Raiders. That’s because it pushed the Giants up to No. 2 in the current 2018 NFL Draft order.

That’s because the San Francisco 49ers won against the Chicago Bears earlier in the day. So while the Giants fell to 2-10, the 49ers rose to 2-10, but the Giants own the strength of schedule tiebreaker.

As draft order is decided, when two teams are tied in record, the team with the weaker strength of schedule is awarded the higher pick. The Giants’ strength of schedule stands at .5079 while San Francisco’s is .5238. The head-to-head victory by the 49ers over the Giants does not factor in the draft order.

The Cleveland Browns still hold the first overall pick with their 0-12 record.

The Giants’ move from third overall to second could give them a chance at their choice of the top quarterbacks. Or, if a team trades up above them and a quarterback they want is taken (or they decide not to draft a quarterback), they would have the chance to draft Saquon Barkley, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Quenton Nelson or whoever else they deem worthy.

Much of the Giants draft strategy will be in flux over the next two months as decisions are made about the future of the coaching staff, front office, and Eli Manning.

The 2018 draft looks to be the Giants’ highest pick since drafting Philip Rivers fourth overall in 2004 (which be, or before that, Carl Banks third overall in 1982 or Lawrence Taylor second overall in 1982.

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