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Jim Schwartz at top of Giants’ short list of coaching candidates?

Report says Eagles’ DC could be first target

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Jim Schwartz
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John Mara made it obvious Friday that one reason the New York Giants hired Dave Gettleman as general manager now is that they want to strike quickly when they are able to begin contacting coaching candidates next week. Pro Football Talk is reporting that the early leader could be current Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

From PFT:

The name that keeps coming up in this regard is Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Although Schwatz and Gettleman have never worked together, the Accorsi connection would be the thing that puts them on the same page. Beyond Schwartz and Accorsi having a common tie to Maryland, it’s believed that Accorsi leans heavily on advice from Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It’s also believed that Belichick has advised Accorsi to recommend that Gettleman hire Schwartz.

Schwartz was head coach of the Detroit Lions for five seasons, compiling a 29-51 record with one playoff appearance. He has been defensive coordinator of the Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans.

Here is what Gettleman said today about a head coach:

“I really believe that the head coaching job is a CEO position,” Gettleman said. “It really is. You look at the great head coaches and I’ll tell you right now, there ain’t a dumb one in the group. They’re all leaders. They all know how to lead men. And, that’s what you need. You need intelligence. You need leadership and on the assumption that you hire an intelligent guy, you’re going to have a guy with vision. Those are critical components you’re looking for. There’s a million pieces to it because it is, you think about a head coach, you think of all the things he’s got to juggle. There’s a ton of stuff going on. I’m sure that they all once a week probably say, ‘Gosh, I wish I could be the offensive coordinator.’ Whatever it is. Just pick the position he loves to coach. ‘Man, I’d just love to get with my linebackers. Just for a week.’ It’s a load. It’s a load. You got to be able to handle that load.”