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How badly did Giants underachieve? Well, this badly

These prop bets tell you how far under expectations the Giants will end up

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

How badly did the 2-13 New York Giants underachieve expectations this season? Well, Las Vegas oddsmaker Bovada tells us, by taking a look back at the over/under win total for the season and some other prop bets.

  • The win total over/under was 9. The Giants, of course, have 2.
  • Over/under on Eli Manning passing yards was 4,300. He has 3,336. By the way, I would have taken the over on this one.
  • Over/under on Manning touchdown passes was 29. He has 18.
  • Over/under on Paul Perkins rushing yards was 800. He has 83.
  • Over/under on Odell Beckham Jr, receptions was 98.5. He finished with 25.
  • Over/under on Brandon Marshall receiving yards was 850. He finished with 154.

So, we knew the Giants had dramatically underachieved. This is just a measure of how badly.