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Where would Davis Webb rank in the 2018 NFL Draft QB class?

Talent evaluators weigh in

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants
Davis Webb
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Where would Davis Webb rank in in the 2018 NFL Draft quarterback class? With so much speculation floating around about the possibility the New York Giants could select a quarterback in the first round, and whether Webb could be the QB of the future, I was asked that question.

I honestly didn’t know. Those kinds of comparisons/evaluations aren’t my thing. So, I solicited the opinions of a handful of draft analysts.

The overwhelming opinion? Webb would not be part of the discussion among the Big 5 quarterbacks in the upcoming draft class. Put Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson in any order you want. Webb would rank somewhere after that. That puts him in the Mason Rudolph-Luke Falk category and makes him a Day 2 pick, just like he was when the Giants took him in the third round a year ago.

One analyst told me straight up “I think he'd still be a third-round pick.”

Full disclosure. I asked these analysts for their opinions, not if I could attach their names to what they told me. So, without naming names, here is what some of these talent evaluators said.

“If I'm the Giants and I'm thinking about life after Eli, I'm putting more stock in this upcoming class than I am Webb. Now, I don’t know what they've seen from him (Webb) in practice this season, so maybe there's been improvement, but judging on where he was as a prospect, that's how I'd stack them,” one said of Webb.

Another evaluator flatly admitted to not being a Webb believer.

“I am not a Webb fan. I think he can be a solid backup but that’s it. I thought most overrated him a year ago. If he is a team’s starter, they’re in trouble.”

I know there has been much arguing over whether or not the Giants should have gotten Webb some playing time this year. Maybe, though, it’s all been wasted Internet bandwidth.

If the evaluators who responded to me are right, the Giants are going to have better luck finding a quarterback of the future in the upcoming draft than they would if they placed their faith in Webb.