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A reminder about the Big Blue View Community Guidelines

Let’s clean it up, people

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Let’s call this an early New Year’s resolution.

Like many of you, I’m tired of this miserable New York Giants season. Perhaps, though, for a different reasons than you are. Win or lose, my job is to write about the Giants every day, multiple times a day. What I’m truly tired of is the miserable way some commenters here at Big Blue View have taken to treating each other.

Let me remind about the two major tenents of the site you have signed up for:

Be Respectful: THIS IS THE BIG ONE! No personal attacks. No name-calling. Attack the post or comment, not the poster. If you are going to post an opinion, people are allowed to disagree with it.

Be mature. Everyone is here because they love the Giants, and love to discuss them. While we're here, we're all friends. Enjoy the conversation. If you are at other sites, represent this one with class.

I deleted every comment in a Christmas Eve thread and then closed it for further comment because it degenerated into people attacking each other.

Remember — you are entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to express it here, provided you do so in a decent, non-vulgar manner. Other people ARE entitled to disagree.

If you can’t handle being disagreed with, don’t comment. There is also no point in expressing your opinion over and over and over to the point where all you are doing in angering people.

My New Year’s resolution for BBV is to clean up the nonsense here — and get rid of the element that has dragged the comments section of this site way, way down into the gutter.

If you want to be classless and call other people names there are plenty of sites for you — go to Big Blue Interactive and be happy there. This isn’t that kind of place. At least, it won’t be going forward.