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New York Giants news, 12/19: Same offense, only better

Let’s check your Giants headlines for Tuesday

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants accumulated season highs in yards (504) and first downs (27) on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. They had two explosive touchdown plays of more than 50 yards. They scored a season-high 29 points, and would have crossed 30 for the first time in two seasons if not for some botched special teams plays.

Yet, quarterback Eli Manning said Monday that it was “still the same offense” that had been threatening to score a franchise low in points for a 16-game season.

Just with better results.

“It’s still all of the stuff that’s in the system that we’ve done before,” Manning said, pointing to faster tempo as a positive.

“I thought Sully [offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan] did a good job of kind of mixing it up and doing all the consecutive plays and just having different ways of doing things,” Manning said. “So, it was productive. The fast play, we were able to get some big plays off of it.”

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“I think it is clear what a catch is, especially when you are going to the ground,” Manning said on Monday. “You have to control the ball the whole time. You have to have it. You’re going to the ground, the ball hits the ground, the ball moves and there is a little loss of contact through the end of the play, it’s going to be an incompletion.”

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"Do they change their whole philosophy?" an exec asked.

Not necessarily.

The Giants hired former GM Ernie Accorsi to consult on their GM search. When Accorsi served in a similar role for Carolina several years ago, he recommended the Panthers hire Dave Gettleman, who was Accorsi's longtime lieutenant with the Giants. Accorsi could be inclined to recommend Gettleman or someone else with ties to the Giants and reverence for how the team has operated. But with so much in flux until the Giants set a course for the future, they need to be on this list.

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