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Bill Cowher won’t be Giants’ head coach

Ex-Steeler coach has no interest in returning to the sidelines

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers
Bill Cowher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you are among those pining for Bill Cowher to become head coach of the New York Giants you can stop. It’s not happening. Cowher hasn’t coached in 11 years and told the New York Post this week that he has no interest in returning to the sidelines.

“No, it’s not even about a team, it’s about lifestyle,” Cowher told The Post. “Coaching is always going to be a great challenge and every building dynamic is different. I had the best job in football and I was able to step away and transition from it to a next phase of life, which, quite frankly, I am very, very comfortable with. I am in a very good place.”

Cowher works as an NFL analyst for CBS.

“I have a platform to talk about the game I love and at the same time I have more balance in my life than I’ve ever had before,” Cowher said.

The Giants will reportedly begin interviews next week to find a new general manager. That GM will have to find a head coach. It might be one of these guys. It won’t be Cowher.