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Giants news, 12/12: Quarterback questions keep on coming

Manning remains starter, Webb’s status remains in limbo

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning will start at quarterback for the New York Giants on Sunday vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, running his consecutive start streak to two games.

“Right now I’m talking about I’m on the week by week and let’s win the next game,” interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo said on Monday. “To beat the Philadelphia Eagles right now, Eli Manning is the starting quarterback and I don’t feel that changing, but I don’t know what next week is going to bring.”

Davis Webb questions persist

Spagnuolo clarified Manning’s status as the starter. The question of when, or if, the Giants would get rookie Davis Webb some playing time over the final three games remains up in the air.

Functioning as defensive coordinator prior to the firing of Ben McAdoo, Spagnuolo said he was “not privy to” any plans made for Webb by McAdoo and former GM Jerry Reese.

“I don’t hear it. It keeps coming back to me like that, but I can tell you this, the way that I’m going to function, the way that I think we should function is to take this one week at a time with the goal being beating the next opponent and whatever is best to do that, in my opinion,” Spagnuolo said.

Spagnuolo said “you got to give me some time to put my arms around” the Webb situation. He also said whether Webb would be moved up to No. 2 on the dpeth chart, meaning he would be active on game days, is to be determined.

“I’m not sure what would be gained other than if something happened to the starting quarterback he goes in,” Spagnuolo said. “In an answer to your question, there is tremendous preparation for this young man to be a quarterback in the NFL. I don’t know that it, you know, I’m not sure - this is what I’ll talk to Mike (Sullivan) and Frank (Cignetti) about. Is it that much more of an advantage to have him standing on the sideline as the second than there is having him standing on the sideline as a deactivated player.”

For what it’s worth, Manning told reporters that the best way to learn is to play.

“I think you always think you’re ready, you think you kind of have the answers until you’re out there and you’ve got to make some decisions. Hey, are you going to make this check; hey, I think this blitz is coming; but are you sure and do you know how to pick it up, or do you know how to have answers, or what your assignments are, or what you’re going to do under a certain situation, where are your check downs?,” he said. “So, there’s a lot to learn and honestly I believe the best way to do it is through experience and to get out there. Make the mistakes, see it all and try to just find ways to get completions and move the ball.”

Injury updates

Safety Landon Collins said after Sunday’s game that his ankle injury wasn’t a big deal. Spagnuolo wasn’t sure about his status going forward, though.

“We got to find out a little bit more on Landon, but he’s going to tell you he’s going to play all the time, which is what he just told me,” Spagnuolo said. “But, we’ll see as the week goes and how much work we can get out of him, but he’s a little gimpy right now.”

Justin Pugh is awaiting another opinion on his back injury. What he hears will determine whether or not the Giants place him on season-ending IR.

Giants fill a roster vacancy

One of the two spots the Giants have open on the 53-man roster has apparently been filled.

Sharp is a 5-foot-11, 198-pound rookie from Utah State. He will replace Darius Powe, who broke his foot Sunday in his NFL debut. Sharp played in one game for the Denver Broncos this season, averaging 11.0 yards on five punt returns. Kalif Raymond has averaged only 3.3 yards on seven returns for the Giants.

Manning sympathetic toward Carson Wentz

Manning, of course, has never missed a start due to injury. Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz is now out for the season with a torn ACL.

“You never want to see a guy get injured and he’s having a great year, he’s playing well, the team’s playing well and I feel for him,” Manning said. “You never like to see another quarterback get injured, especially when they’re having a great year.”

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