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Cowboys 30, Giants 10: Post-game quotebook

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants
A Giants fan wears a bag over hsi head during Sunday’s game.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Giants locker room was a somber, quiet place after the team fell to 2-11 with Sunday’s 30-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Here is some of the players who did talk to media were saying after their latest disappointing effort.

Eli Manning on the ovation he received when the Giants’ offense took the field for the first time ...

“My focus is trying to get the play and figure out what the Cowboys are doing. I appreciate it. I appreciate all of the support the fans have given me for 14 years and these last weeks, especially. I appreciate them coming out today and cheering me on and cheering on the Giants.”

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie after the Giants gave up three fourth-quarter touchdowns ...

“There is definitely something about that fourth quarter, man. You fight hard for three quarters and right when you think you got it, something goes wrong and then something else goes wrong and it’s just like keeps going wrong. For it to be like the 13th, 14th week in the season, we should already have a pinpoint on why that is happening and we’re still searching for answers.”

Evan Engram on whether the team will be able to remain unified for the rest of the season ...

“We got three games left. We got three weeks to stay together. We will.”

Devon Kennard on dealing with the constant losing ...

“It feels like an emotional roller coaster. Tired of losing. Every week you give it 24 to 48 hours and you try to move on. You’re like ‘this week we’re going to turn things around.’ Now we didn’t, and we’re going through it again. I want so bad for us to get another win. I hate I’ve got to wait until sunday to try to get it.”