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Giants’ CB Janoris Jenkins doesn’t sound remorseful

“Whatever he gave me, he gave me” Jenkins says of suspension

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Janoris Jenkins
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Janoris Jenkins is back with the New York Giants, reinstated after his one-week suspension for returning late last week and failing to notify head coach Ben McAdoo. Jackrabbit didn’t exactly seem contrite on Thursday.

Here is part of the exchange between Jenkins and the media:

Q: What happened that resulted in your suspension?

A: I just didn’t show up. Me and coach talked about it and we’re moving forward.

Q: Why weren’t you able to make it?

A: It was something that me and coach already talked about. We talked about it already. That’s behind me. I’m here today. I’m not worrying about what’s gone on in previous days. I’m just here to work.

Q: So he knew that you weren’t going to come back?

A: I didn’t say that. I just said that me and coach talked about it. That’s over, that’s previous days. I’m on to football.

Q: Was there a reason why you didn’t call to let him know you weren’t coming?

A: Me and coach discussed that in the room already. A mutual talk, an agreement and we’re moving forward.

Q: Did you agree with his decision to suspend you?

A: I mean whatever he gave me, he gave me. I took it and accepted it and I’m back at work and I’m happy to be here.

Q: Do you have any regrets?

A: Hey man, it happened already. Moving forward from that. I ain’t going to say I got regrets, I ain’t going to say I don’t have regrets. Whatever, we talked about it and discussed, that is over. It happened. We got it out of the way. New week.

Here is a little more from Jenkins’ chat with reporters.

Q: Do you think he’s lost the clubhouse?

A: I mean, I don’t think so. But at the end of the day, I don’t know what’s going on so I’m just going to stick to my guns and do what I got to do and just continue to play hard for coach McAdoo.

Q: Do you think the criticism of coach McAdoo is fair?

A: No, it’s not fair. He understands and we understand as a team that that comes along with playing NFL football when people don’t know what’s going on inside the locker room. They have expectations and people that are assuming a lot of things

Q: Why do you think it’s not fair that he gets criticized?

A: You got to look at it, man. It’s hard to win in this league. It ain’t like he’s not coaching. He’s coaching to the best of his ability. We are playing to the best of our ability. If you look at the teams we beat last year, they are just beating us this year. We just got to keep moving forward and pushing man and keep fighting.