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Giants players rip author of anonymous quotes

The words “coward” and “cowardly” are tossed around

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jonathan Casillas
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well. Things got interesting in the New York Giants’ locker room on Thursday as a number of players took issue with whichever players went anonymously to ESPN’s Josina Anderson to complain about coach Ben McAdoo.

Jonathan Casillas called the anonymous quotes cowardly,” and Damon Harrison also dropped “coward” in discussing the anonymous quotes. Landon Collins told the media he knows the quotes came from defensive players. The third-year safety went so far as he to say he wanted the player to “come forward and be a man.”

Here, via Tweets from reporters in the room on Thursday, is some of what was said.

The players have done the right thing here. It made a fun story for the media that sold newspapers and added page views, but going to the media anonymously instead of going to the coach with your complaints is never the right thing to do.

Whether this helps the Giants on the field, or helps McAdoo keep a job that seems to be slipping away from him, who knows. It was, though, a good day for the leaders in the Giants’ locker room.