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NFL picks, predictions against the point spread, Week 10

Can Jesse shake some sense into his faltering crystal ball?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp
Could Teddy Bridgewater (5) return to NFL action this week?
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Much like the New York Giants I haven’t been living up to my expectations as a handicapper this year. I still have a winning record (barely) but haven’t been excellent the past three weeks. Hopefully, I can get out of his lull and finish strong the rest of the season.

Seattle Seahawks (-6) at Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a shell of what they were last year. They probably should have re-signed Calais Campbell, who took his talents to Jacksonville and has racked up 11 sacks and been a leader to the young Jaguars defense.

Pick: Seahawks

Final score: Seattle 22, Arizona 16

Minnesota Vikings (-1) at Washington

Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t played in more than a year. There has to be some rust if he ends up starting the game. I think the Vikings are a talented squad with a good defense, but I think traveling to Washington and winning on the road is no easy task.

Pick: Washington

Green Bay Packers (+5.5) at Chicago Bears

How the mighty have fallen. What does the Green Bay Packers offense look like without Aaron Rodgers to run it? The New York Giants offense.

Pick: Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers (-10) at Indianapolis Colts

I don’t typically like big point spreads, but this might be the NFL worst defense going up against the most dynamic offense. Everything in the world says this should be a blowout. (You know the NFL doesn’t work that way), but I’ll go with logic on this one

Pick: Steelers

Los Angeles Chargers (+3.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Chargers do not have a very good offensive line. The Jaguars have maybe the best defensive line in football going right now. The Chargers can’t stop the run on defense, the Jaguars run over everyone.

Pick: Jaguars

New York Jets (-2.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The wheels on the bus are falling off in Tampa so much so that the Jets are road favorites. Who would have seen that coming before the season? That’s what’s great about the NFL. I think Ryan Fitzpatrick might have a little something something for his old team. Plus, Fitzpatrick always seems to be a guy who comes in as a back-up and tears it up for a game or two before returning to reality.

Pick: Buccaneers

Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) at Tennessee Titans

The Titans running game has been struggling to get off the ground a year after running over everybody. There have been a lot of lower scoring Titans games and 4.5 points is way too much for me against a solid defense.

Pick: Titans

New Orleans Saints (-3) at Buffalo Bills

The Saints have never been the same offense on the road as they are at home. I think the Bills have a good shot at winning this game out-right, so I’ll take the points.

Pick: Bills

Cleveland Browns (+12) at Detroit Lions

The Lions offense is too inconsistent for me to lay 12 points.

Pick: Browns

Houston Texans (+12) at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams offense has been the league’s best offense and are coming of a bye week (well not officially but it must have felt that way playing the Giants. Texans have talented players on defense and things tend to settle down towards the mean after big games like that, so I’ll take the points.

Pick: Texans

Dallas Cowboys (+3) at Atlanta Falcons

The Cowboys are getting 3 in a game where I think they match up very well with the Falcons. The Falcons are an undersized, fast defense that could struggle to contain the Cowboys run game. I’ll take the points

Pick: Cowboys

New York Giants (-2.5) at San Francisco 49ers

From my couch it looks like the Giants have quit and then there was a report that a couple of Giants players have said the Giants quit. It’s hard to believe that the Giants will travels across country to get up for this game, isn’t it? I don’t think the 49ers are going winless and this might be like their Super Bowl for them. If the Giants play to their potential they should win this game pretty easily, but if they have quit this will just be another loss in a line of embarrassing losses in the season.

Pick: 49ers

New England Patriots (-7.5) at Denver Broncos

I keep waiting for the Broncos to find their groove and prove to be the team I think they are, but it’s not happening yet. I’m going to give them one more chance. When team can run the ball fairly well like the Broncos can and can rush the passer like the Broncos can they tend to stay in a lot of games. Something has not been clicking for them, but I think this week they’ll look better.

Pick: Broncos

Miami Dolphins (+9) at Carolina Panthers

The Dolphins with Jay Cutler have been a competitive team. The Panthers haven’t been dynamic on offense. Nine points are too many.

Pick: Dolphins

Season record

Week 1: 10-5

Week 2: 7-9

Week 3: 10-5

Week 4: 10-6

Week 5: 7-6-1

Week 6: 10-4

Week 7: 0-12-2

Week 8: 6-7

Week 9: 7-4-1

Season overall: 62-54-5