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Trade Odell Beckham? Should the Giants really consider that?

It’s been suggested, so let’s discuss it

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Odell Beckham Jr. for a Herschel Walker-esque haul. Is that something the in need of starting over 1-7 New York Giants should consider?

Dan Duggan of NJ Advance Media believes that it is. Duggan’s plan for fixing the Giants is similar to the one I proposed. In fact, we’re nearly in lock-step. What I didn’t discuss in my “five-point plan” was Beckham’s long-term future with the Giants. So, let’s touch on that now.

Here is what Duggan wrote about Beckham:

I'm not advocating a trade of Beckham. Watching the offense flounder without him is more evidence that the talented wide receiver is part of the solution and not the problem.

But if some team is willing to make the Giants a Godfather offer, they might as well listen. Beckham, who will be coming back from a fractured ankle, is going to want a huge payday. It's debatable if any wide receiver is worth the type of contract Beckham is going to be seeking.

Again, I'd keep Beckham. But if some team makes a Herschel Walker-type of offer, the Giants would be crazy not to listen.

Valentine’s View

I’m going to agree with Duggan here. This is the same pre-NFL trade deadline position I took in regard to Eli Manning. You don’t go offering Beckham around the league, but if someone offers you a franchise-changing deal that includes multiple first- and second-round picks Jerry Reese or whoever the general manager is would be nuts not to run that up the flag pole and see if it’s something ownership would be interested in doing.