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Giants vs. Rams: No winners and one Giant loser

The Giants lose more than a game as they fall to 1-7

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants
Players scramble to recover an Eli Manning fumble.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This is where we usually highlight individual winners and losers to come out of a game. Usually there are some of each, regardless of the outcome. But this Sunday, there were no winners for the New York Giants as they fell to 1-7.

Not really.

Losers - The New York Giants

The Giants weren’t just blown off the field, but they did their level best to help the Rams do it with turnovers, penalties, bad decisions, and an all-around sloppy performance from the players and coaches. By half-time any energy with which the team came out of their bye had leached out into the damp November air.

The offense played a lumbering game and found early success on the ground, but abandoned it as the first half wore on. As mistakes mounted and the game slipped away, they were utterly unable to turn the offense around and play with any type of urgency. The defense was a mess of miscommunication, broken coverages, and bad to nonexistent tackling.

The worst though: By the end of the third quarter it appeared as though the Giants had given up. At this point the Giants look broken, on the field schematically and mentally.

The Giants set out today to honor the late Joan Tisch. After this game John Mara and Steve Tisch have to make some decisions about a team that embarrassed itself and the entire franchise.