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Giants vs. Rams halftime score: Ugly start as Giants trail, 27-10

Second half open thread

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants should be embarrassed.

Their offense performed to expectations — some decent play punctuated by backbreaking turnovers and inexplicable play calling decisions. They got the ball first and came out swinging with a power run game and quickly found success on the ground. That success quickly turned to misfortune when the Giants opted to air it out and Eli Manning lost the ball while being sacked.

The next drive saw more of the same, with the Giants pounding the ball with the run game and only throwing to keep the defense honest. It was one of their best looking and most balanced drives of the season, lasting 14 plays and chewing the clock. That drive ended in Eli Manning and Tavarress King connecting for a touchdown — the high-water mark of the half for the GIants.

Their next two possessions ended in turnovers, which the Los Angeles Rams promptly turned into points.

The Giants’ defense, however, spent most of the first half embarrassing itself. They played disorganized and sloppy football, bearing little resemblance to their 2016 forms. Their performance was lowlighted by a 52-yard catch and run for a touchdown by Robert Woods, after a combination of defense and penalties had the Rams backed up to a 3rd and 33.

The defense did manage to slow the Rams’ offense down as the half came to a close, but the offense had few answers when forced to throw the ball.

The Rams one the coin toss and elected to defer. They will get the ball to start the second half.

Use this as your open thread for the second half.