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Eli Manning benching: Outrage at Giants’ decision continues

Let’s look at what others are saying

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants TODAY Sports

Reaction — none of kind to Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese and New York Giants’ ownership — continues to pour in to the organization’s decision on Tuesday to bench Eli Manning, the best quarterback in franchise history. Let’s take a look.

Blame co-owner John Mara for this Giants mess after Eli Manning debacle | Politi |
It is fair game to question Mara's leadership just as this team is about to make some of the biggest decisions in recent years.

Eli Manning fiasco: Giants’ shift from classy to clueless is complete | New York Post
Eli Manning deserved a much better Giants ending. You give your heart and soul to your franchise, and bring home two Super Bowl titles, that’s the least you...

6 biggest losers from Giants benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith |
The New York Giants have benched quarterback Eli Manning, so it's time to take a look at the six biggest losers from this move.

The ramifications of the Giants trading or releasing Eli Manning - NY Daily News
Eli Manning has two years remaining on his current four-year contract extension.

NFL community reacts to news of New York Giants QB Eli Manning's benching
No. 1 overall draft pick, two-time Super Bowl MVP, benchwarmer: One of these things is not like the other.

Eli Manning: Giants QB Benched For Backup Geno Smith |
Has quarterback Eli Manning played his last game for the Giants?

Denver Broncos shouldn't rule out starting another Manning - NFL Nation- ESPN
Count Eli Manning among the quarterbacks who could be available this offseason after the Giants benched the two-time Super Bowl winner Wednesday.

Eli Manning landing spots: 8 teams that QB could play for in 2018
Manning could attractive a number of suitors looking to plug in a veteran quarterback.

Incompetent Ben McAdoo did Eli Manning wrong | Newsday
For the better part of 14 years, Eli Manning has been the best thing about the Giants. Championship quarterback. Unparalleled leader. Class act on and

Eli Manning’s Giants career wasn’t supposed to end like this - NY Daily News
His eyes welled up with tears and emotion. He was in pain. He could not say if he ever would play a game for the Giants again.

Warner on Eli Manning benching: 'Shame on the Giants' -
"To me, shame on the Giants. This is one of those things to me that you need to start Eli with the idea of we're going to try to win every game. If it gets sideways, then maybe you go to the young guys but this isn't something where you go to Eli and say we're definitely going to play these other guys. This guy has earned the right to compete every game that he's there in my opinion because it's not just him. If it was just Eli Manning, and he wasn't playing well and the rest of the team was there, I'd understand making the change. This is so much better than that. To me it's amazing it has come to this for a guy who has really been a model for that organization. ... I'm just disappointed that it came to this."

Eli Manning benching shows disrespect from Ben McAdoo, Giants
Look, it’s no surprise that the Giants will likely go a different direction at quarterback next season. But the fact that McAdoo would bench Manning - the face of the franchise since 2004 - is surprising. And the timing reflects questionable judgment and little respect for Manning.

Mike Francesa Destroys Ben McAdoo - Mike Francesa -
Mike reacts to the press conference of Ben McAdoo and the reasoning of why the Giants are benching Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith.

The Giants were the only ones who could stop Eli Manning | New York Post
The streak sat at a modest 40 games when Eli Manning declared he was good to go, despite shoulder pain that would’ve sent half the league scurrying for their...

Benching Eli Manning is the final insult from Giants' Ben McAdoo |
So McAdoo, whose tenure as the head coach of the Giants should end after two seasons, found himself in the position to pull the rug out on the greatest quarterback in franchise history. And it really shouldn't be a surprise given McAdoo's repeated public criticisms of Manning, who owns two Super Bowl MVPs.

Giants benching Eli Manning the first step in imminent divorce - NY Daily News
Eli Manning was fighting back tears surely knowing this is the first step in his imminent divorce from the Giants.