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Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese should be ashamed for benching Eli Manning

Coach, GM created mess they are making QB take the fall for

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese created the mess that the New York Giants are currently. They should be ashamed of themselves that they are now making Eli Manning, best quarterback in franchise history, take the fall for it.

Earlier on Tuesday, I put the blame for Manning’s career not featuring more wins — especially postseason ones — at the feet of Reese, the GM who has picked the players while the Giants have staggered to a 41-50 record and one playoff appearance in six years.

It is incomprehensible to me that this coach and GM, who are the ones responsible for this mess and who should both be gone when this season ends, were allowed by ownership to make the decision to bench the best quarterback the franchise ever had.

Even crazier than the idea of Manning being benched and someone new being the quarterback not only for the final five games but for next season, is this:

The thought that this indicates Giants’ ownership would seriously entertain bringing back the GM who’s personnel decisions have run the Giants’ ship aground and the coach who’s ego and inability to control the locker room has poisoned the atmosphere around the Giants to return — and choose them over Manning — is disheartening. To say the least.

Manning, as I have said over and over, has never been a perfect quarterback. He deserved better supporting casts over the years, though, and with all he has done and how he has represented the franchise since 2004 he deserves better now.

John Mara worried about lost credibility when the Giants let a Hall of Fame coach in Tom Coughlin go. Allowing this decision, and the perception that McAdoo and Reese could be here to stay, is yet another gaping hole driven in that credibility.