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Reactions to Eli Manning’s benching

Reaction to Eli Manning’s benching comes pouring in

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Reaction to the decision that Eli Manning would, for the first time since 2004, not be the New York Giants starting quarterback this Sunday when the Giants face the Oakland Raiders has come thundering in from all quarters.

Former players, current players, media members, and fans have all voiced their displeasure with the decision.

We’ll start with the Giants’ all-time touchdown leader and one of their most out-spoken players, Brandon Jacobs.

Former Giant Shaun O’Hara took Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese to task:

The last quarterback to start a game for the Giants not named Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, pulled no punches with regards to the development.

On the NFL Network, Warner said that if he was in Manning’s shoes, he would ask for a trade.

Meanwhile, Eli’s long-time backup quarterback, David Carr, echoed Warner’s sentiments.

Other former Giants’ players were equally upset by the announcement.

Starting with two legends of the franchise, Carl Banks and Phil Simms.

Giants’ great Carl Banks was probably the most emotional I, personally, have ever seen him.

The Giants’ last great quarterback had this to say:

Eli’s long-time teammates were stunned by the decision as well.

Osi’s fellow defensive end, Dave Tollefson, was skeptical about what the Giants could learn from benching Manning.

Davis Webb, one of the players who will “be in the mix” at some point in the season with Manning benched was effusive in his praise of Manning.

We already knew that the Giants were scouting top quarterbacks. Some of the ones they might be picking from might not remember life before Manning.

Finally, Mike Francessa likely summed up the opinions of most every Giants’ fan and former player: