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Giants fall to Redskins, 20-10: One winner and so many losers

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When the schedule makers decided that the New York Giants and Washington Redskins should not only play on Thanksgiving, but play in prime time, I’m sure they were envisioning a thrilling match-up of dynamic teams in the midst of a play-off chase.

I’m also sure they did anticipate what we just witnessed.

The Giants’ offense, despite the excuses of a beat up offensive line and third string receiving corps, once again embarrassed itself to the tune of 170 total yards and 3 points.

Both teams looked more like a Vaudeville routine than professional football teams, and perhaps the best part of the entire game was the revelation that Mini-McAdoo has officially handed off the play-calling duties to Mini-Sully

But beyond that, there are a whole bunch of losers — primarily those of us who watched the game.

Loser - Football

Ed messaged me at one point in the first quarter saying “Boy, this game is going to set offense back by 50 years.”

After watching the Giants be utterly inept at offense for the entire game excepting their 17-play second-quarter drive, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to disagree.

But then watching Washington fail to pick up a wide-open first down, send out their punt team, call a time-out, then have the play clock run down to zero; it might not be going too far to say that this game set the whole sport back.

Loser - Evan Engram

It is probably a good thing that the Giants have a “mini” bye week. Their first-round pick either needs something to get back into the game. For most of the season his play has been one of the few bright spots about the Giants’ team.

The last two weeks, however, have been anything but.

Engram has been targeted 13 times in the last two games, coming up with just 4 catches, and far, far to many drops. Engram is still the Giants’ most dynamic offensive player but that doesn’t matter if he can’t hang on to the ball when it hits him in the hands.

Hopefully having the extra few days off will help him figure out what he needs to to get back to the player he was when he was on a record setting pace just two weeks ago.

Winner - Landon Collins

The Giants’ defense played well for most of the game, stifling Washington’s running game and largely limiting their passing attack to dink and dunk quick passes. They managed six sacks and an interception (returned for a touchdown). Jason Pierre-Paul made his presence felt with a pair of sacks, Olivier Vernon had 1.5, and Dalvin Tomlinson got the first sack of his NFL career.

The defense did everything it could to carry the team to a win. But with the Giants’ “offense” mustering a pathetic 11 net yards in the entire second half by the time the game was out of reach, they looked gassed by the middle of the fourth quarter.

But if I have to point out one player who deserves credit, it would be Landon Collins. Collins had a huge game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and followed it up tonight with another strong game.

As usual, Collins was a beast near the line of scrimmage. He almost caused a forced fumble deep in Redskins’ territory, was consistently disrupting the Redskins’ running plays, and came up with this run stop: