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Giants’ fans have a lot to be thankful for

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at New York Giants William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, our friends at SB Nation are using the obvious “what are you thankful for?” as this week’s theme question. This has, of course, been a miserable season for the 2-8 New York Giants. Still, there is much that Giants fans should be thankful for.

That starts with the four Super Bowl titles won by the franchise. Whatever this year’s record is, there are many fan bases that would trade places with Giants fans.

While many of you have wanted Eli Manning run out of town for years, you still get to watch the best quarterback in Giants’ franchise take snaps every week. Giants fans should, at least, be thankful for what he has done for the franchise.

Be thankful for some of the young talent the Giants possess — like Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and Landon Collins.

Be thankful that there are only six games left in this unexpectedly awful season.

What else are you thankful for, Giants fans. And, please, in the spirit of the holiday, let’s try to keep this positive.