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Redskins have so many injuries they can’t even practice

Washington had 22 players on Monday injury list

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints
Chris Thompson of the Redskins is carted off the field Sunday after breaking his leg.
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

If you think the New York Giants’ injury situation heading into Thursday night’s game is bad, you’re right, it is. It is nothing, though, compared to what the Washington Redskins are facing. With 22 players on Monday’s injury report, Redskins coach Jay Gruden admitted Tuesday his team can’t really even practice.

“It’s quite the challenge,” Gruden told New York media via conference call. “We’re only going to do walk-throughs this week. We’re pretty dinged up and we don’t have really enough guys to get 11 on 11 right now for look squad (scout team). Most of our look squad guys are going to be playing, so we just got to get them ready to go.”

Ah, gotta love late-season Thursday night football. When is the last time you heard of an NFL team, which carries a 53-man roster, so beat up they didn’t have enough healthy players to conduct a real practice?

“Our heads are spinning right now,” Gruden said. “We’re trying to get ready to play a football game, we’re trying to find out who the healthy bodies are, make sure we’ve got 46 guys to strap it up and the 46 guys that are going to strap it up, we’ve got to get them ready to go.”

So, complain about the Giants’ injury situation if you must. But, it could be worse.