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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 12: Giants move up a couple of spots

Let’s see what NFL analysts think of the 2-8 Giants

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants upset the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime on Sunday, 12-9, to move the Giants to 2-8 on the season. With the NFL Power Rankings coming out on various platforms this morning, let’s see where the Giants fall.

We went through several different site’s power rankings and the Giants came out at No. 29 when you aggregate the various lists. They are as high as No. 24 on SB Nation and as low at No. 31 on Bleacher Report. Here is an aggregation of all of the rankings and the explanations.

SB Nation (No. 24)

Yahoo (No. 30)

Lost in the talk about how bad the Giants offense is, especially without Odell Beckham, is how bad the defense has been. It was weather-aided, but the Giants held the Chiefs to nine points Sunday. Where has that been all season? (No. 30)

Last Week’s Rank: 31

Points in MMQB Power Poll: 67

Highest-Place Vote: 23rd

Last-Place Votes: 31st (6)

Last Week’s Result: Win vs. Kansas City, 12-9 (OT)

Week 12 Opponent: at Washington (Thursday)

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 31)

Last Week's Ranking: 31

Give the New York Giants credit. With all the turmoil the team has gone through and after laying an egg against the San Francisco 49ers, New York came out and got a win.

Eli Manning played well against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Giants ran the ball with authority. We saw something out of the defense that we'd been expecting all year.

Against the Chiefs, the Giants defense created some of that magic we saw last year. It forced some turnovers and held Kansas City to a mere nine points.

The Giants still aren't good, but they can be a hassle for opponents when the defense plays up to its talent level.

USA Today (No. 31)

Anyone else notice the relative ambivalence of the home crowd when Aldrick Rosas kicked his game-winning field goal in overtime Sunday? (No. 30)

Ben McAdoo beating Andy Reid off the bye was the most surprising outcome of the year.

Washington Post (No. 28)

So the Giants haven’t given up, after all. But was the spirited effort, especially on defense, in Sunday’s stunning victory at home over the Chiefs merely a one-time thing? Or can the Giants keep it going Thanksgiving night at FedEx Field against the Redskins?

ESPN (No. 29)

2017 record: 2-8

Week 11 ranking: No. 30

Train wreck: The Giants are 2-1 against the AFC West this season, so maybe they're just in the wrong division? Unfortunately, they're 0-7 against every other division this year, and for a team that made the playoffs in 2016, that is not going to cut it.