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Giants vs. Chiefs picks, predictions from BBV staff

Can the Giants pull off the upset on Sunday?

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Many New York Giants fans have lost faith, and why wouldn’t that be the case with the team at 1-8 and heading toward what might be the worst 16-game season in franchise history? Are your Big Blue View writers among them? Let’s see what your BBV staff thinks of the team’s chance to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Dan Pizzuta

These aren’t the Chiefs that dominated every team during a 5-0 start, but even as they’ve gone 1-3 over the past four games, they haven’t been bad. Kansas City is still ninth in DVOA overall and third in offensive DVOA. It’s going to be really hard for the Giants to stop whatever they’re going to be doing on that side of the ball, especially since the defensive strength -- the secondary, supposedly -- doesn’t really match up with how the Chiefs structure their offense. Kansas City should have little problem getting the ball to Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt out of the backfield.

One thing the Chiefs do incredibly well, especially Hunt, is break tackles. The Chiefs have 99 broken tackles on the season and a broken tackle on 13.9 percent of their offensive plays, both of which lead the league per Sports Info Solutions charting. Meanwhile, the Giants have missed 81 tackles and have a broken tackle on 12.4 percent of defensive plays, both of which are the fourth-most in the league.

There are some ways the Giants can exploit parts of Kansas City’s struggling defense, but the edge the Chiefs have on offense and special teams -- fourth in DVOA, opposed to 30th for the Giants -- should give the visitors a clear advantage in this game.

Final score: Chiefs 35, Giants 20

Chris Pflum

The last time I was this sure that the Giants were going to lose, they would up winning.

But that was against a Denver team that doesn't have an offense like Kansas City's, and an defense that was caught off guard. The Chief's offense is almost built to exploit the Giants' defensive weakness. There's still an "Any given Sunday" chance that the Giants can come away with their second win, but suffice to say that it's pretty unlikely.

Instead, we'll once again be looking to see how the team plays, whether they will play with pride, if the coaches can get the team through the drama that has plagued it this season. We should also keep a watch on players who could be pieces for the future. If Chad Wheeler plays (and how well), whether Shepard and Engram can keep building.

I don't think the Giants win, but maybe they can find some promise for the future in the loss.

Final score: Chiefs 31, Giants 14

Mike Gallop

It’s sad to say, but I can no longer envision a Giants victory this year, and even sadder to say, I’m OK with that. Burn it down.

Final score: Chiefs 31, Giants 10

Valentine’s View

I don’t believe the Giants will embarrass themselves the way they have the past couple of weeks. I think there will be effort displayed. I just don’t think the Giants are good enough in any phase of the game to win here.

Final score: Chiefs 34, Giants 24