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Giants teammates take sides in USC-UCLA encounter

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Paul Perkins
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Chris already gave you the lowdown on the Sam Darnold-Josh Rosen Bowl, otherwise knows as the USC vs. UCLA game that will be played Saturday night. The game will draw the interest of the New York Giants, and likely their fan base, as well.

The game will have the attention of several players inside the Giants’ locker room, as well.

Running back Paul Perkins is a UCLA alum. Rhett Ellison, Chad Wheeler and Devon Kennard are USC alums.

Is there a wager on Saturday night’s outcome?

“Of course,” was Perkins’ response earlier in the week.

What’s on the line? Push-ups.

As of Thursday, Perkins had a combined 150 push-ups on the line in wagers with Ellison and Wheeler. He was looking for Kennard to up the ante even more.

That means Perkins probably has 200 or so push-ups on the line vs. much smaller amounts for his teammates. Pretty confident for a guy who’s team is more than a two-touchdown underdog.

Just a little side note to keep in mind while you’re watching Saturday’s game.