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Only one Giant makes ESPN’s “25 Under 25” list

Landon Collins is having a down year, but remains well regarded.

NFL: New York Giants at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Just a year ago the New York Giants were regarded as having one of the most promising young rosters in the NFL.

This year, only one Giant made ESPN’s annual list of the top 25 players under the age of 25 (inSider only).

13. Landon Collins, S, New York Giants

Age: 23 years, 10 months

Collins' breakout 2016 season featured five interceptions and four sacks. Opponents appear to have adjusted this season, which is one reason Collins does not have the same production. An ankle injury has also factored at times. Had teammate Odell Beckham Jr. not aged out of consideration on Nov. 5, this is about where the receiver would've landed.

As ESPN mentions, Beckham Jr. has aged out of consideration for the list, but he is still one of the very best players in the league. Despite starting just two games and having just 25 receptions between ankle injuries he is STILL second in receiving touchdowns for the Giants.

*granted, that has as much to do with their offensive problems as his greatness.

However, I think I would take issue with him being just 13th on the list. That is fair for Collins, who is having a down year after setting the bar so incredibly high in 2016. But Beckham has a three-year track record of record-breaking greatness. Only one receiver has ever done what he did in his first three years, and that is Randy Moss. There’s a saying that familiarity breeds contempt, and I think we have seen Beckham make so many extraordinary things look downright pedestrian that we forget just how special he is.

And on that note, I think Evan Engram deserves a mention on the list. The Giants’ rookie tight end isn’t just upending the narrative that rookie TE’s don’t produce, but he has become their biggest threat and is one of the most productive tight ends in the NFL at any age.

The Dallas Cowboys are represented by Ezekiel Elliott (6th) and Dak Prescott (9th), while the Philadelphia Eagles have Carson Wentz (1st).