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“Look at this incredible football player”

Osi Umenyiora reminds of that Adrian Clayborn has company

Osi Umenyiora took the occasion of Adrian Clayborn getting six sacks on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys to remind us this week of the 2007 night when he did the same thing.

You remember, right? It Sept. 30, 2007 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The first start in the career of Philadelphia offensive tackle Winston Justice. The Giants won, 16-3, with Umenyiora getting half of the team’s 12 sacks.

“Look at this guy get across the edge,” Umenyiora exclaims while watching the film.

Derrick Thomas (7) is the only player in NFL history with more sacks in a single game.

Enjoy the stroll down memory lane. I thought you guys could use the diversion from the misery of the current season.