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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 11: Only the Browns separate the Giants from the bottom

Let’s see what NFL analysts think of the 1-8 Giants

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NFL: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants gave the San Fransisco 49ers their first win of the season on Sunday 31-21, falling the Giants to 1-8 on the season. With the NFL Power Rankings coming out on various platforms this morning, let’s see where the Giants fall.

We went through 10 different site’s power rankings and the Giants came out at No. 31 when you aggregate the various lists. They are as high as No. 30 on ESPN and as low at No. 32 on SB Nation. Here is an aggregation of all of the rankings and the explanations.

SB Nation (No. 32)

Yahoo (No. 31)

The Giants said Ben McAdoo will last the season, which they probably said because the Giants embrace their reputation of being a solid, patient organization and firing a coach midseason goes against that. But ask yourself this: What positive will the Giants get from playing out the string with McAdoo and getting their teeth kicked in with a locker room full of players that clearly doesn’t want to play for its coach anymore? That has a better chance of doing long-term damage than firing a coach before the end of the season. (No. 31)

Last Week’s Rank: 30

Points in MMQB Power Poll: 24

Highest-Place Vote: 31st (9)

Last-Place Votes: 6 (Baskin, Brandt, DePetro, King, Marston, Orr)

Last Week’s Result: Loss at San Francisco, 31-21

Week 11 Opponent: vs. Kansas City (TBD)

Nothing has revealed how much can drastically change from season to season as starkly as the fall of the Giants' defense. The overall record (11-5 in 2016 to 1-8 in 2017) is what everyone will point to. Still others angle a lazy finger in Eli Manning's direction. Yet, the real disappointment has been the (rapid) decline of a defense that went from second in points allowed to 28th today. It was nearly impossible to run on these guys last year. Now Ron Dayne could probably put up 100 yards on 'em. Weird. Both the fall, and the "Thunder and Lightning" pull.

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 31)

Last Week's Ranking: 30

It doesn't get any lower for the New York Giants.

The most surprising thing about the Giants in Week 10 was the frequency with which the defense gave up long plays. The defense hasn't been what it was last season, but the game against the San Francisco 49ers was a low point.

New York ran the ball all right against the 49ers, and Eli Manning made some great throws. However, there isn't anything special about New York's offense, talent-wise or scheme-wise. Without Odell Beckham Jr., there aren't any impressive players, and we know the scheme isn't worth a damn.

The Giants stink, and if they decided to fire Ben McAdoo this week, it would be justified.

USA Today (No. 31)

Based on his effort Sunday, CB Janoris Jenkins still thought he was on suspension or else is just trying to get coach Ben McAdoo fired. (No. 31)

This is the worst Giants team in three (maybe four) decades. Don't be surprised if they don't win another game and finish 1-15.

Washington Post (No. 31)

Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch announced Monday that they will retain Coach Ben McAdoo for the remainder of the season and then evaluate him. McAdoo, at this point, appears to be making that evaluation pretty simple. He’s not getting his players to play very hard or very well at all for him. Mara and Tisch are patient, as they demonstrated again Monday by not firing McAdoo sooner rather than later. But no one is patient enough to keep McAdoo beyond season’s end if he can’t get the Giants to play much better in their final seven games.

ESPN (No. 30)

2017 record: 1-8

Week 10 ranking: No. 30

Projected wins: 3.8. Admittedly, FPI has struggled to put the Giants' fall from grace into proper context, given how well they played last season with Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo. After losing to the 49ers, it's hard to see the Giants beating any of their remaining opponents.