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New York Giants news, 11/14: Eli Manning calls anonymous quotes “weak,” Ben McAdoo reaction

Let’s check the headlines for Tuesday

New York Giants v Washington Redskins

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Today is the first day of the rest of Ben McAdoo’s career as Giants head coach. Will that be seven games? Seven years? Let’s check the headlines.

Giants missed chance to do the right thing and dump McAdoo | New York Post

What should have been done on Monday perhaps still will be done after this miserable Giants season comes to its merciful end, on Dec. 31 at home against the Redskins.

So mark Jan. 1, 2018, on your calendars, outraged Giants fans. Your best hope now for a new beginning and a better Giants’ tomorrow may take place on New Year’s Day.

Quitting isn’t the Giants’ problem — which is even scarier | New York Post

Consider this wishful thinking from a third-year player who does not want to face a grim reality that his Giants might be on the verge of a makeover. Shouting, “They quit!’’ every time a defender whiffs on a tackle or a pass-rusher storms in on Eli Manning is certainly in vogue, but hides the more painful truth. Is it the effort that is lacking or is it the players themselves who are lacking? A team without heart needs a transplant. A team without the requisite talent needs an overhaul.

To use the broad stroke of quitting as an explanation of what ails the Giants is a dramatic but flawed approach. Accusing the Giants of quitting, in some ways, is letting them off too easily. If they quit, they do not care enough. This losing is more about the Giants not being good enough, which is a much more insidious problem to solve.

McAdoo avoids firing, but Giants must clean house after season - NY Daily News
Ben McAdoo will remain the Giants head coach — at least until the end of the season.

Giants’ Eli Manning Says Anonymous Quotes About Ben McAdoo Are ‘Weak’ « CBS New York

“I don’t know much about the anonymous quotes,” the quarterback said. “I don’t know whether they happened or not, and if they are (true), I think it’s kind of a weak way to voice your opinion.”

WFAN’s Mike Francesa Rips Giants’ McAdoo: ‘I Was Embarrassed For You!’ « CBS New York
Mike Francesa doesn't generally support the idea of firing NFL coaches midseason, but this year's Giants could be an exception.

Here are 18 early candidates to be Giants coach in 2018 if (when) Ben McAdoo gets fired |
It feels like Giants coach Ben McAdoo is on the way out after a disastrous 31-21 loss to the previously-winless 49ers. If the Giants do make a change, here's a look at some of the early candidates to replace him.

Marquise Goodwin of San Francisco 49ers stars after death of baby
Receiver Marquise Goodwin, who starred in the 49ers' win over the Giants, says he and wife Morgan's baby boy died Sunday morning because of complications during her pregnancy.

Monday Musings | 49ers 31 - Giants 21: A Lot of Ugly » Inside Football