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Ben McAdoo: Players’ “desire to finish wasn’t consistent”

Says Janoris Jenkins "was a part" of the problem

NFL: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers
Garrett Celek goes for a 47-yard touchdown vs. the Giants on Sunday.
Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Ben McAdoo will continue as head coach of the New York Giants for at least the remainder of the 2017 NFL season. We learned that Monday afternoon via a statement from Giants’ ownership. McAdoo’s first public order of business following that statement was to conduct his previously scheduled day after game media conference call.

Here, presented without analysis or comment, are some of the things the coach spoke about.

On the lack of consistent effort ...

“The thing that was disappointing that showed up on film, the desire to finish on a consistent basis. There are plays that we were capable of making and the desire to finish wasn’t consistent.

“I need to coach it better and we need to do it better. Not every play, not every player but it did show up on tape.”

On the apparent lack of effort from Janoris Jenkins in particular ...

“I think he got caught up on a big body there (on a 47-yard touchdown to tight end Garrett Celek). He needs to find a way to get the big body on the ground. ...

“Like I said, there were some players in the ballgame who need to show a consistent desire to finish better.

“There were some opportunities on some balls on the perimeter where his desire to finish consistently needs to show up and we need to get the guys on the ground. We need to tackle better as a defensive unit, and he was a part of it.”

On ownership’s statement that McAdoo would continue as head coach for the remainder of the season ...

“I’m in the process of finishing up grading the film from the last ballgame and starting on the next one, that’s where my focus is right now, working to find a way to get the team better, coach the team better and put us in position to win at home, get our first home win of the year.”

On whether the statement from ownership will help the team over the final seven games ...

“I don’t know. Only time will tell. We’ll have to see how everybody responds, but again my focus is as it always is, on the week of preparation, trying to put a good plan together, help these coaches and players any way I can putting a good product on the field and find a way to get better.”

On what happens now ...

“I’m disappointed but I’m determined to find a way to get it fixed. That’s where my focus is. No one expected our record to be what it is at this point and use to be playing the type of football that we’re playing at this point. But we are, and we are what our record says we are, and the film reflects it. We need to find a way to improve.”