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New York Giants news, 11/11: Eli Manning, simplifying the defense, more

Let’s check this morning’s headlines

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Before you settle in for a Saturday filled with watching college football games, let’s check some of what is being written about the Giants. Other than stories about anonymous quotes.

Giants-49ers was a big deal when Rhett Ellison’s dad, Riki, played for SF | Newsday
Riki Ellison was a linebacker for the 49ers in the 1980s, but he has plenty of friends against whom he played on the Giants. He’s ...

Giants’ rough season hits home for players | Newsday
There is no escape from the losing.That’s what the Giants are learning this season as they tumble through a schedule that is only halfway completed ...

The end is near for Eli Manning with the Giants. Just how near is up for debate. - The Washington Post

“The pieces around him aren’t very good,” Theismann said in a phone interview. “They aren’t what they were. This is a team that looked at five guys on the offensive line who struggled last year and decided not to do anything about it. So the offensive line isn’t very good. The wide receivers are completely depleted. The defense hasn’t stepped up to the level of last year.

“But he can’t get out of the way very well. It seems like he’s even more immobile than Tom [Brady] is. And if you watch Eli play, he’s going to throw two passes a game right to the other team. The only question is whether they catch them or not. Is it Eli? No. He has no supporting cast and the parts around him aren’t getting better. But it is time for them to start looking.”

More has been less for New York Giants' defense under Steve Spagnuolo - New York Giants Blog- ESPN
Among the complaints that have surfaced in recent weeks is Spagnuolo having complicated the Giants’ defense to the point of players not knowing their assignments during games. In particular, they have been criticized for having gotten away from what works best with their personnel -- press-man on the outside -- and running more deceptive zones instead.

It has created mass confusion and far too many miscommunications.

How would Giants players react if QB Eli Manning gets benched? 'It would be disrespectful' |
A quarterback change would impact the entire team.

2017 NFL Draft: Redrafting the First Round |
Marshon Lattimore to the 49ers? Deshaun Watson to the Bears? We redraft the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, knowing what we know now.

Giants rookie QB Davis Webb didn't get increased practice reps this week, sources say |
It appears that Webb will remain the third-string quarterback.

Giants’ terrible season has surprised Phil Simms | Newsday
Phil Simms is the first to admit he got it wrong about the Giants. Completely wrong. “The fact that I picked them to be one ...