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Ben McAdoo: “Everyone Is Disappointed” By 0-5 Start

Giants coach knows that includes ownership

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo knows that an 0-5 start to the season hasn’t made anyone happy — including the people who sign his paychecks.

“Everyone is disappointed, I am aware of it. Everyone is irritated, I am aware of it,” McAdoo said Monday during a conference call with reporters.. “But my focus right now is trying to help with the personnel department to field a football team this week to give us a chance to prepare and win.

“No one thought we would be sitting here”

The Giants have 11 games to play. All they can do at this point is prepare each week and play them.

“Where do we go from here? We’re all disappointed and irritated to be where we are right now. No one thought we would be sitting here like this in this position,” McAdoo said. “I said it once, I’m going to say it again, I believe in this group of players and coaches and what this team could be. We’re not there yet, but we owe it to each other and the organization to handle ourselves with class, prepare well this week and give us a chance to win the ballgame on Sunday night.”

Here are a few more takeaways from McAdoo’s remarks:

On how the team will handle Janoris Jenkins leaving the field early ...

“We’ll handle all those issues in-house.”

On changes that can be made ...

“I think we just got to get better at getting better. Wholesale changes are tough at this point. Your players are your players, your coaches are your coaches. We need to find a way to go out and improve the fundamentals and prepare with class and give ourselves a chance to win.”

On playing younger players ...

“Yeah, we are going to take a look. At this point, we have some guys that are nicked up, so it’s going to create opportunities just naturally for some younger players and for some other players to jump in there and play. And that sort of takes care of itself when you have the type of guys nicked up that we do. But we don’t shy away from playing young players, regardless.”