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New York Giants News, 10/6: JPP — Teams Don’t Fear Giants’ Defense

What players were talking about on Thursday

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When the New York Giants won 11 games a season ago, they often did so solely on the strength of a dominant defense. That, of course, has been missing during this season’s 0-4 start.

“I don’t think (opposing teams) they fear us,” defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said on Thursday.

“Why should they?,” defensive tackle Damon Harrison said. “They’ve been able to run the ball with some consistency and until we stop the run, I don’t think anybody will fear us.”

The Giants are giving up 4.6 yards per rushing play, 28th in the league. A year ago, they gave up only 3.6, second in the NFL. Through four games, they have given up five runs of 20 yards or more, equal to what they surrendered all of last season.

“We got to do a better job, starting with the players. We got to come together and be one. We’ve been preaching that all year starting through the OTA’s and preseason. Somewhere, somehow it got lost, but we got to gain that confidence back and go out and play because we are still in this thing. Anything can happen, man.”

About Those Missed Tackles

Missed tackles, especially at the second level of the defense, have plagued the Giants. Pierre-Paul didn’t mince words when it came to that issue:

“I can’t really explain that, man. You got to tackle. We’ve practiced it in practice and I guess that’s something that comes from within. I can’t really tell a guy how to tackle. You’re in the NFL, so you should be able to know how to tackle,” he said.

Players’ Film Critique

Rather that give his thoughts, Spagnuolo allowed players to critique their own play while watching film of the Tampa Bay game. Those asked about it, thought players were honest and accountable.

“Nobody is crazy in that room,” Harrison said. “We all can see the mistakes. It’s just different if somebody can actually tell you, ‘Look, I know what I did wrong on this play.’ So, it’s better than having Spags go up there and say one thing.”

Quinn: Back To Basics With Wing

After back-to-back weeks with awful, costly late-game punts, what can the Giants do to help punter Brand Wing?

“You look at the fundamentals and we review that and then he’s got to trust it. He’s got to trust what he does and go out there and perform. So, that’s kind of where we’re at,” Quinn said. “Again, you’ve got to practice well and then you’ve got to go out and compete and you’ve got to have thick skin. So, he’s mentally tough, he’s got thick skin and so now he’s got to step up and perform.”