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Giants vs. Chargers: Does LA Deserve To Be 0-4, And More Questions

‘Bolts From The Blue’ answers our Five Questions

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers
Philip Rivers
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers are a team we don’t spend a whole lot of time studying here at Big Blue View, and that is likely the case for most New York Giants fans. With that in mind, let’s turn to the folks at SB Nation’s Chargers web site, Bolts From The Blue, to see what we can learn about Sunday’s Giants opponent.

Richard Wade answers our “Five Questions” this week.

Ed: The Giants are 0-4 and we believe here at BBV that they deserve that 0-4 record. The Chargers are also 0-4. Do they deserve that record, as well? Or, have they played better than that?

Richard: Oh, they deserve to be 0-4. They have been lousy this season. The running game is nonexistent. Philip Rivers looks like he is done. The defense has some great players like Casey Hayward, Melvin Ingram, and Joey Bosa but they also have some of the worst players in the league like Jahleel Addae and Tre Boston. Anthony Lynn is a first-year head coach and it shows. The NFL seems to have passed Ken Whisenhunt by. Gus Bradley is Gus Bradley. The special teams are atrocious. They are every bit an 0-4 team.

Ed: What are your thoughts on first-year head coach Anthony Lynn?

Richard: I'm not ready to give up on Anthony Lynn. He has gotten off to a rough start, but the talent on the team is not that good. His coordinators also are not very good and at least one of those is partially his fault. His clock management has been bad to mediocre, but it seems like it might be trending the right way. He says all of the right things. You want to believe in him when he talks. The team needs to make adjustments and we are going to find out soon if that is something he can do.

Ed: Who are some young players Giants fans might not be aware of who they should watch for on Sunday?

Richard: On defense, keep an eye on rookie defensive back Desmond King. He always seems to be around the ball and he has a real knack for making plays. I will be truly surprised if he does not turn into something special with time. On offense, Austin Ekeler is moving up the depth chart at running back. He's a very good receiver out of the backfield and he has the burst necessary to make big plays.

Ed: If you could take one player off the Giants roster NOT NAMED ODELL BECKHAM JR. and put him in the Chargers' lineup who would it be? Why?

Richard: Landon Collins. The Chargers have two of the worst safeties in the NFL and Collins is one of the best in the league. Bradley's defense really counts on high-quality safety play and they don't get much better than Collins. He would instantly be a star and main part of the defense. It would solidify the backside of the defense and create more opportunities for the front 7 to continue taking over games at times.

Ed: Like Eli Manning, Philip Rivers career with the Chargers is likely winding down. What are your thoughts on what Rivers has done with the Chargers?

Richard: Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in franchise history. A lot of his career has been wasted by terrible coaching and a front office that has surrounded him with insufficient talent to truly compete each year. He has still managed to be one of the most productive quarterbacks of the last three decades in spite of that. Frankly, the fact that he never had a real chance to win anything despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the league for his entire career is just sad. His career will be over soon, but this year it feels like it has dragged on a little too long.