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Odell Beckham: Opposing Defenses Know What Routes Are Coming

Star wide receiver admits defenses have Giants’ passing attack figured out

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It has been pretty apparent for a while now, roughly since early last season, that opposing defenses had the New York Giants offense figured out. Wednesday, Odell Beckham Jr. admitted that cornerbacks from opposing teams are even willing to admit that to him.

Beckham veered into the “opposing DBs know what’s coming” talk when asked about the passes he dropped against the Bucs.

“I was talking to coach (Ben McAdoo) today and the routes that we’re running and the DB’s – I talked to them after the game. They were like, ‘We know you’re running a certain route,’ “ Beckham said.

“They study film. I was talking to (Buccaneers corner Vernon) Hargreaves after the game and he was just like, ‘You know, we know a lot of what you’re doing.’ “

When you have little to no running game and you are reduced because to the quickest of throws because you don’t have a trustworthy offensive line, this can’t be a surprise to anyone.

Question is, what, if anything, are the Giants capable of doing about it?