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New York Giants News, 10/4: Marshall, Manning Discuss 0-4 Start

Let’s see what players are saying heading into Week 5

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! The sun is still shining despite the Giants’ woeful start. Let’s get your day started be checking on some of the things players were saying on Tuesday.

Brandon Marshall: Worse Things Than 0-4

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Tuesday added a little perspective to the Giants’ current plight.

“We’re not winning, but it’s football, you know what I mean? I came here to win, we’re not winning, but I’ve been through so much more in my life. There’s been times where we’ve used the oven to try to heat up the house. I remember taking showers with my older brother in the eighth grade because we didn’t have hot water and we just wanted to get in as quickly as possible and we pumped each other up to take showers after basketball practice and football practice when it’s 50 degrees outside,” Marshall said. “Football makes you tough, football helps build your character. You come in a boy and you leave a man. So, being 0-4, it stinks, but there’s worse things in life. And half the guys in this room have been through [what I have]. This is our job, we’re paid to do a job and we’ve got to get it done. We just need to find a win. We find a win, the environment will be so much better.”

Eli: Still Room For Fun

Quarterback Eli Manning was asked Tuesday if it is harder to be a leader when the team isn’t winning, especially when it comes to helping young players.

“You always want to be a good leader. That’s just by doing your work, saying the right things, make sure guys are working hard, but also not getting down, not just going through the motions, have some excitement. You can still have fun. Still have fun doing your job and it’s still about enjoying the process of getting better, of figuring out how we’re going to work and getting them excited about the plays that are coming up, excited about the opportunities of where they might get the ball or how we’re going to score and how we’re going to win this game,” Manning said. “It’s just trying to do your job and make sure everybody sees how you’re handling the circumstance.”

Rosas Hits Reset

Placekicker Aldrick Rosas was perfect in the preseason and had been perfect in the regular season, too, until missing a 43-yard field goal on Sunday. How did the rookie kicker handle the miss?

“The kicker mentality is just one for one. We hit the reset button after every kick. You just go out there and you just keep building on your routine and keep progressing and keep doing what you’ve been doing,” Rosas said. “Great snap, great hold, great protection. I just pushed it.”


— Brandon Marshall after mistakenly saying San Diego Chargers instead of LA Chargers