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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Four Players You Should Pick Up

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Wayne Gallman
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. If there’s one consolation prize for yours truly, at least I only write about fantasy, and not about our “beloved” Gmen.

This is a huge week on the wire, as we are entering the critical mid-season schedule, where 3-5 records become playoff dream killers. We also had some big injuries this week, especially at the RB position, and we’ve all experienced waiver success hitting the RB injury fill-in jackpot. Let’s take a look at my favorite adds of the week.

Latavius Murray, RB, MIN

Like all waiver success stories, it’s more about opportunity than talent. Murray had a productive run in Oakland, but most of that can be attributed to volume and a dominant O-line. A devastating ACL tear ended Dalvin Cook’s promising rookie season, and Murray is in line for 15+ touches per week, and should carry low end RB2 value the rest of the season.

Aaron Jones, RB, GB

I do realize that Ty Montgomery may be back this week, and his rib injury was initially overblown. I also know that TyMont, fantasy points aside, has had a mediocre start to his first workhorse RB season after he converted from WR last year. Aaron Jones flashes on the screen, and could be thrust into RB1 workload territory if Montgomery can’t stay healthy. Patience should prevail with this add.

Eddie Lacy, RB, SEA

Ouch. Another promising rookie RB Chris Carson saw his season end prematurely on Sunday with a gruesome ankle injury. Lacy was cut in most leagues, but actually looked hungry (pun intended) running against the Colts. Rawls was a healthy scratch, which leads one to believe Lacy will get first crack at winning back that starting job. With the Seattle offense finding their groove, whoever their starting RB will be is a must own in fantasy land.

Wayne Gallman, RB, NYG

Paul Perkins is clearly not the answer. And why we keep force feeding the ball is staggering at this point. Orleans Darkwa may be back this week, but the Giants have never seem to trust him as anything more than a breather back. Gallman is a rookie grinder from Clemson, and not a great athlete. But as Sunday showed, Gallman will hit the hole hard and fall forward, something we haven’t seen from Perkins, ever. The Giants should be a pass first offense, as the Oline can’t run block, and our talent is in our receiving corps. But we need a RB who runs hard and pass blocks, and I think Gallman becomes that, which should carry Flex value moving forward.