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Could Giants get offensive line help from Buffalo Bills?

NFL trade deadline is Tuesday

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
Seantrel Henderson of the Buffalo Bills might be available via trade.

There are not many NFL teams who have offensive linemen to spare, but the Buffalo Bills are one that does. The New York Giants are among the many teams who could use offensive line help. Could the Bills and Giants swing a deal before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. NFL trade deadline?

The possibilities

Per SB Nation’s Buffalo Rumblings, there are three players the Bills would consider trading — left tackle Cordy Glenn and right tackles Jordan Mills and Seantrel Henderson. Let’s look at all three.

Cordy Glenn

A six-year starter at left tackle, Glenn could be available because the Bills appear to like the potential of second-round pick Dion Dawkins at that spot.

Rumblings says:

I don’t want the Bills to move on from Cordy Glenn. He’s a franchise left tackle despite the injury concerns one might have and I want the Bills to be that franchise. Add in the big salary cap hit that would come from trading him and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. That is, unless the Bills can get a big haul for him from a team that is desperate AND head coach Sean McDermott feels comfortable enough with what he has seen from Dawkins’ time filling in.

Valentine’s View: This one I don’t see happening. The Bills are 4-2 and in the playoff race, and teams in that position don’t trade away their starting left tackles. Plus, I don’t see the Giants being willing to part with a “big haul” in terms of draft picks to get Glenn. Nor do I believe they should do so.

Jordan Mills

The 27-year-old Mills is in his fifth season, two with the Chicago Bears and three in Buffalo. He has started 56 of the 61 games in which he has played. Pro Football Focus currently gives Mills a grade of 65.4, 40th among qualifying offensive tackles.

Rumblings says:

Here is the guy I would like to see traded ... He’s limited as a right tackle without the left side possibilities of Glenn and Henderson, but that’s okay. ... In exchange for Mills, Buffalo could probably get a Day 3 NFL Draft selection from a team desperate enough to try and add him at this point in the season. The guys available on the waiver wire don’t have as much experience as Mills and that has to count for something.

Valentine’s View: That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. If, however, the Giants think he’s better than Bobby Hart and they could get him for a seventh-round pick it might be worth a flier.

Seantrel Henderson

The 25-year-old Henderson started all 26 games he played in during 2015 and 2016, and has experience at both tackle spots. The Giants could use a player with the ability to play both sides. The problem is Henderson has served two suspensions for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, including one this season.

Rumblings says:

Coming off his latest suspension for marijuana use associated with treatment for his Crohn’s disease, Henderson hasn’t seen any action in 2017 which would certainly drive down his value. Still, he has decent game tape and has experience at both left tackle and right tackle. He would seem to be the most expendable player of the three in question, though many would like to see him step in for Mills.

Having served multiple suspensions for violating the league’s policy on drugs, Henderson’s next suspension is for a full season, something else that will drive down his trade value. ...

It’s possible Henderson would only net a late round selection in a trade, perhaps one even pushed back to 2019 or beyond to further lower the value. The risk is high for any team counting on him.

Valentine’s View: In some ways, Henderson would seem like the best fit. He would also be a big gamble. If you could get him for a conditional seventh-round pick, especially one pushed back to 2019, that might be worthwhile. Anything more than that, no.

Final thoughts

I don’t see the Giants being the team that ends up with any of these players — if the Bills even move any of them. There are too many contending teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles and others who could be in the market for upgrades and would likely be willing to pay a higher price.

Still, picking up the phone and calling the Bills can’t hurt.

Would you like to see the team acquire any of these players, Giants fans?