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NFL Power Rankings 2017, Week 8: Giants among NFL’s worst teams

Let’s see what NFL analysts think of the 1-6 Giants

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NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants TODAY Sports

The New York Giants lost their sixth game of the season on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, 24-7. New York is now 1-6. With the NFL Power Rankings coming out on various platforms this morning, let’s see where the Giants fall.

We went through 10 different site’s power rankings and the Giants came out at No. 29 when you aggregate the various lists. They are as high as No. 27 on SB Nation and as low at No. 30 on ESPN. Here is an aggregation of all of the rankings and the explanations.

SB Nation (No. 26)

Yahoo (No. 29)

T.Y. Hilton probably shouldn’t call out his offensive line teammates. But he was telling the truth. You watch Jacoby Brissett get sacked 10 times and it becomes more clear that Andrew Luck probably isn’t playing this season. (No. 29)

Last Week’s Rank: 29

Points in MMQB Power Poll: 71

Highest-Place Vote: 26th (2)

Lowest-Place Vote: 30th

Last Week’s Result: Loss vs. Seattle, 24-7

Week 8 Opponent: bye week (No. 29)

So much for the Giants going on a run after upsetting Denver in Week 6. Big Blue was the lesser of the teams clad in that hue at the Big Snoopy on Sunday, as the offense could only muster 177 yards against Seattle. Eli Manning couldn't do much with the cadre of backup wideouts at his disposal, but at least the runners made up for it with 46 rushing yards -- total. The sad part was that Steve Spagnuolo's defense played well for much of the game, stamping out a "Lord of the Rings"-length goal-to-go possession that was resuscitated multiple times via penalties. By the second half, though, the unit was simply gassed. The Seahawks had the football for 35-plus minutes.

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 29)

Last Week's Ranking: 30

The New York Giants offense stinks. It's ineptitude gets masked a bit because New York came out and beat the Denver Broncos last week. Well, we saw just how bad it can be against the Seattle Seahawks.

We're going to continue to see that this offense is nothing without Odell Beckham Jr. The defense is legit, but it isn't playing at the level it did last year.

I'm not sure why it played so much man defense against a Seahawks team that wins with 50-50 jump balls and big plays downfield. Maybe that was by design because the Giants know their only chance of winning is if defenders can make plays on the ball.

The defense isn't playing well enough to win games right now, though, and the fact it produced just one sack against 39 pass attempts is alarming. New York has one of the best defensive lines in football. It needs to start playing like it.

USA Today (No. 29)

If Big Blue fans weren't already looking ahead to 2018, at least they can be excited about Evan Engram, perhaps club's best TE since Jeremy Shockey. (No. 29)

The Giants look less prepared, less enthused and less intense than their opponents on a weekly basis. That's on the head coach.

Washington Post (No. 29)

So maybe the play-calling switch from Coach Ben McAdoo to offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan couldn’t fix everything, huh? Oh, well. It did produce one victory and it made things interesting for another week. The Giants aren’t going to get things fixed this season and now it’s all about the futures of GM Jerry Reese, McAdoo and QB Eli Manning with the organization.

ESPN (No. 29)

2017 record: 1-6

Week 7 ranking: No. 30

0.1 percent. The Giants have virtually no shot at winning the division, but FPI doesn't think the Giants are this bad. Despite owning one of the worst records in the NFL, FPI thinks the Giants have a 41.3 percent chance at a top-five draft pick.