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MetLife takeover by Seattle’s 12th man might just be the beginning

That embarassment is what could bring the Giants to make changes

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Richard Sherman taunts Giants fans on Sunday — before they left the building.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Yours truly was not in his customary MetLife Stadium press box seat on Sunday. That wasn’t because I wanted to avoid the misery of another awful performance by the New York Giants. I saw the game. I had family obligations that prevented me from making the trip.

Thus, I did not see first hand the MetLife Stadium takeover by Seattle Seahawks fans on Sunday as the game wore on and the outcome became obvious. Media in attendance certainly noticed, however, and Paul Schwartz of the New York Post is absolutely right that the continuation of what we saw in the stands on Sunday is what gets people like Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese ousted.

Here is part of what Schwartz wrote:

Stuff happens when a season goes in the tank, but the slide is usually not such a long, drawn-out degradation. It is not even midseason, for goodness sake, and five of the final nine games will devolve into the ultimate insult for the Giants franchise. Season-ticket holders will sell off in droves, and the buyers will not be Giants loyalists. In the closing minutes of the latest example of offensive football foibles, Seahawks fans lined the lower bowl of MetLife Stadium, omnipresent in sight and sound. It is not as if East Rutherford is a hotbed for Seattle transplants. If you close your eyes and open your ears, you can already hear “Go Dallas Cowboys’’ and “Fly Eagles fly’’ and “Hail to the Redskins’’ cascading down from all those gray seats. ...

Wellington Mara, the Giants’ franchise patriarch, used to say the sound of silence was far worse than the sound of booing. One meant apathy, the other meant disgruntlement. Apathy gets people canned. When John Mara and Steve Tisch weigh the merits of keeping or jettisoning McAdoo and/or general manager Jerry Reese, the owners are going to have vivid memories of what is about to transpire at Desolate Stadium.

Hard to disagree with any of that. Also, virtually impossible to see how McAdoo or Reese can dramatically change the Giants’ fortunes the rest of the way. The Giants have never won fewer than three games in a 16-game season, and could well be on their way to that undesirable accomplishment this season.

The Giant are 0-3 at MetLife Stadium this year and there isn’t likely to be much for Giants fans to cheer about the rest of the way. If Sunday was an indication, many of them won’t bother showing up to find out.