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VOTE! Was game-changing play a catch? Interception? Incomplete pass?

Huge play goes against Giants, puts game out of reach

Did Paul Richardson of the Seattle Seahawks actually catch a ball that was ruled a 38-yard touchdown for Seattle in the fourth quarter Sunday? Did Landon Collins of the New York Giants intercept it?

“It was an interception,” Collins said after the game.

Collins called the ruling of a touchdown for Seattle “crazy.”

“Once you saw it, you could blatantly see it (the ball) was on my chest. Once the referee could see it, it was like he has possession of the ball. I turned over and he was trying to fight into my arms to get it. That was my ball.”

Giants coach Ben McAdoo didn’t think it was a touchdown.

“They (the officials) said they thought he clearly had possession of the ball. He lost possession, and clearly had possession of the ball before he went out of bounds and had his foot on the white. That’s why they gave him the touchdown,” McAdoo said. “We’ll go look at the tape, but I did not think he had possession of the ball before his foot hit the white. But, again, we’ll go take a look at the tape and see what we can see.”

Here is how referee Tony Corrente explained the call:

Q: It looked like Paul Richardson, on that play with the simultaneous possession, it looked like his leg was out of bounds. What did you see?

A: The receiver went into the air, had control of the ball, lost control, re-grasped the ball and at the same time he did, the defender grabbed the ball, also. They went to the ground simultaneously with the football. Then they started a little wrestling match. It’s over now. That catch is established because if the defender was to pull the ball out of his hands now, it’s still a catch because the defender has a second action. So at that point when they were on the ground together, and they’re tussling to begin with, the catch is over, that’s the touchdown. Now, after that is when he rolled over and we don’t have any clear view of, quote unquote, anything happening after that. So that’s where it stands.

Q: So he landed on top of the defender basically, and they both had the ball and were on the ground, and that’s a touchdown?

A: That’s a touchdown.

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How should the touchdown pass to Paul Richardson of Seattle have been ruled?

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  • 32%
    A touchdown for Richardson
    (248 votes)
  • 44%
    An interception for Landon Collins
    (334 votes)
  • 23%
    An incomplete pass
    (177 votes)
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