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Giants vs. Seahawks halftime score: Giants lead, 7-3

Seahawks dominate the stats, but Giants are ahead

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It was an exhausting half of football for the New York Giants.

The Giants couldn’t find much in the way of offensive production on the Seattle defense, mustering just 44 yards in the entire first half, holding the ball for just minutes, seconds.

Nevertheless, the Giants scored the first points.

The Giants defense held strong for much of the first half, aided in part by costly penalties on the part of Seattle. The half was highlighted by a ferocious hit by Landon Collins, which (eventually) lead to a heroic goal line stand by the Giants, with the Seahawks running eight plays from the inside the 5 yard line.

A three and out (all runs) later and a punt later, rookie defensive end Avery Moss forced a fumble — recovered by Landon Collins — to get the ball back for the offense. The Giants finally threw a pass to Roger Lewis Jr. to get in scoring position, from there they were able to punch it in to the end zone on a play-action pass to Evan Engram.

The defense stood tall once again to hold the Seahawks to a field goal on their next possession.

The Giants will get the ball to start the second half.

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