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Orleans Darkwa the real deal? Justin Pugh staying at tackle? More questions

Let’s open up the BBV mailbag

The New York Giants have a game to play Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks before heading into their bye week. Let’s open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what’s on your mind as that game approaches.

Ed says: As I wrote at BBV earlier in the week, Darkwa has earned the right to be the top guy, for now. Gallman is going to continue to get time. When Paul Perkins comes back from his rib injury it will be interesting to see how — or if — the Giants work him back into the mix. No matter how they divvy up the work, it’s not going to be an exclusive, one guy gets almost all of the carries, deal.

Ed says: With the current group of players the Giants have, yes, I believe Pugh should stay at right tackle. And I see no reason why he won’t. I still believe he’s a better guard than tackle, but he’s the best right tackle the Giants have. And yes, the Giants need to pay the man.

Ed says: Shepard and the Giants medical staff are the only ones who know that. If there is any question about his health then, sure, he should wait. But, if he is running and cutting well and the doctors say he’s good to go then let him play. The Giants need to win Sunday to make any game they play after the bye meaningful, so they could definitely benefit from having him. Please keep in mind, I’m answering this before seeing the final Friday injury report.

Ed says: The Giants aren’t going to tell us that for sure. Jackrabbit, though, usually does follow the opposition’s No. 1 receiver.

Ed says: This is a question I addressed earlier in the week. Here is how I answered it:

There are three ways this could go.

The Giants could make an unprecedented turnaround and become the first NFL team to reach the playoffs after starting 0-5.

They could be just good enough the rest of the way to win something like 5-7 games, far from playoff contention but not bad enough to land a top 5 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

They could be awful and land that top 5 pick. If the draft were held today, they would have the third overall pick.

How will it go? If I had to guess I think it ends up something like 2013, when the Giants started 0-6 and finished 6-10. I really don’t think this is a one- or two-win football team. Nor, though, do I have any confidence that this team can win of eight of its 10 remaining games. That is what the Giants would have to do to get to nine wins and have some type of shot at a wild-card playoff berth.